Monday, June 21, 2010

The last pic I have (I wasn't planning to blog them, ha). These are Eric's younger brothers! No, they aren't triplets--the one in the middle (Quinn) was a singleton and is about to teenify. The other two are twins who just became kids (Jason [on left] and Alcide [on right]). They look super cute in the new hair from Ambitions--I thought it was crazy that all Goodwin's kids were blonde, except Alcide, who got black hair somehow! So I gave him and his brother the same hair style, so people know they are twins. :-)  Oh, and that's Eric in the background, running somewhere (my Sims RUN everywhere since the patch) so all the boys are in the pic.
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  1. Is Eric always in his underwear? Not that I mind, just curious... and if he is, could we ditch the shirt? Rawr!

  2. I'm not really fond of that hair. =__=